CC Content Commercial Co.,Ltd. was established in 1982 with 13,000,000 Bahts as authorized capital to run a cleaning business service in Thailand. The service philosophy we are concerned refers to create Environmental Friendliness to customer, considered a heart of our business.
As one of the leaders in this field along with advanced technology equipment imported from overseas, we have noticed our continuous growth for many years. Those include SC Johnson cleaning chemicals, imported from America. We take the customer satisfaction the highest priority in order to succeed in this business arena in the long run.

This summer, we would like to offer blowout deals, plus other services like cost estimation are on progress with no extra charge.
Our objective
To meet our customers? needs both public and private business sectors, we try best to improve every aspect of our service quality. Those high buildings and other real-estates in particular are growing while we never hesitate to follow new technology in order to use it as an asset for better work.
Our Philosophy
“As mentioned earlier, customers? satisfaction is our best concern while simultaneously creating Environmental Friendliness, as our valued philosophy.
Our current customers
  1. Petroleum Authority of Thailand
  2. Thai Airways International Airlines
  3. Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand
  4. The Port Authority of Thailand
  5. Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited
  6. Customs Department
  7. Office of the Auditor General of Thailand
  8. Siam Penthouse Juristic Person
  9. The Board of Investment of Thailand
  10. Krisdika Committee Department
  11. Office of His Majesty's Principal Private
  12. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  13. Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand
  14. The Revenue Department, Chonburi area 2
  15. Department of Trade Negotiations
  16. Medical School at Thammasat University, Rungsit Campus
  17. National Science and Technology Development
  18. East Water Public Co.,Ltd.
  19. ABB Public Co.,Ltd.
  20. etc.
Name lists of Business sectors in the Industrial Estate
  1. Mapthaput Industrial Estate
    • Siam Stanless Steel Co.,Ltd.
    • Aakawa Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
    • Bangkok Industrial Gas Co.,Ltd.
    • Bangkok Co-Generation Co.,Ltd.
    • Pornphat Chemi Co.,Ltd.
    • Siam Construction Steel Co.,Ltd.
    • Yamato Siam Steel Co.,Ltd.
    • Thai Wide Products Co.,Ltd.
    • MFC & Grand Siam Co.,Ltd.
    • Thai Polyethylene Co.,Ltd.
    • Rayong Olefins Co.,Ltd.
    • Mapthaput Tank Terminal Co.,Ltd.
    • Thai Tank Terminal Co.,Ltd.
    • Thai MMA Co.,Ltd.
    • Rayong Engineering and Maintenance Co.,Ltd.
    • Siam Mitsui PTA Co.,Ltd.
    • Thai Peth Raisin Co.,Ltd.
  2. New Opened Mapthaput Industrial Estate
    • FE Cillick Co.,Ltd.
    • Samsun Control Co.,Ltd.
    • Devet Insurance Co.,Ltd.
    • Cape Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    • Track Table Engineering International Co.,Ltd.
    • Electrical Generating of Rayong Co.,Ltd.
    • Honeywells System (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
    • Thaigo Valve & Control Co.,Ltd.
    • GE Beth (Thailand) CO.,Ltd.
  3. Rojana Industrial Estate
    • CRT Display Technology Co.,Ltd.
    • Siam Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.
    • Nawa Plastic Co.,Ltd.
  4. Port of Easetern SeaBoard
    • Bo Logistics Alliances Co.,Ltd.
    • Somboon Somic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
    • M & T Allies Co.,Ltd.
    • Tri (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
    • Nasi Technology Co.,Ltd.
    • Steel Proselling Co.,Ltd.
    • Protect Outsorucing Co.,Ltd.
    • Emerson Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  5. Business Sectors in Chonburi and Sriracha
    • The Board of Investment of Thailand
    • Investor Club Association Co.,Ltd.
    • The Revenue Department, Chonburi area 2
    • Petroleum Authority of Thailand
    • Nasi Technology Co.,Ltd.
    • Steel Proselling Co.,Ltd
    • Allies Data Technology Co.,Ltd.
    • Project Outsourcing Co.,Ltd.
    • Emerson Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  6. Others
    • Nitrade Thai Co.,Ltd.
    • Rayong Petcharat Service Co.,Ltd.
    • Thai-Germany Co.,Ltd.
    • Nitchin Manufacturing (Thailand) CO.,Ltd.
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